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Your Home. Your Power.

Harness the natural energy of the sun and turn it into electricity to power your home when you install solar panels on your roof at home.

A home solar system from 1300Needsolar provides you outstanding power output aswell as the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

Turn on the power with solar

We design your solar system to perfectly suit the energy needs for your family.

Is solar right for my home?

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Your Neighbours Have Solar

More Than 2 Million Australian Homes Have Solar.

If you don’t have solar installed at home yet you’re missing out on huge savings, Theres no better time than now to make the switch and more homeowners are taking advantage of the benefits Solar Power gives.

Request a quote for solar power at your home and we will send you a great offer on a solar package that will save you money.

Is solar right for my home?

Solar panels are built to work in all climates, none better than our Australian Climate. 

But in some cases, rooftops may not be suitable for solar systems due to age or tree cover. If there are trees near your home that create excessive shade on your roof, rooftop panels may not be the most ideal option.

The size, shape, and slope of your roof are also important factors to consider.

You should also consider the age of your roof and how long until it will need replacement.

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The cost of Solar Power at home

Solar power itself is a free source of energy. Once you’ve installed photovoltaic (PV) panels on your home, maintenance is minimal and returns are high.

Initially there is a cost involved as there is with anything. There are options to help make solar affordable for anyone, from financing to renting/leasing. Government Solar Rebates are also available to further reduce the price of your system.

There are lots of Solar companies that offer ‘Free Solar’ and $0 deals, but the reality is that Installing Solar is an investment, Once you have paid off your system, you will be able to say goodbye to your electricity bills, and take full advantage of producing your own Energy with Solar.

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Solar Package

Our 6.6kW Solar Package is perfect for mid sized homes with 3-5 people living at address. Get started below.

Solar Package

Our 3.3kW Solar Package is perfect for smaller homes with 1-2 people living at address. Get started below.